Lead Team

This is the team that makes GTUG possible in Kampala, more so Uganda.


Richard Zulu is part of the Lead team GTUG Kampala. He makes sure the GTUG is moving on an even keel. When he is not doing GTUG Stugg, he is busy helping out at Makerere University as a Network Administrator. He can be reached at zulu@gtugs.org


Emmanuel Oluka is a software developer at Appfrica Labs and CEWIT (Citizens Elections Watch-IT ) where he has built and implemented election crowdsourcing for 2011 Uganda Elections on the ushahidi portal http://uchaguzi.co.ug and he is one of the GTUG Lead Team Kampala. On top of his contribution to the GTUG, he does a lot of personal software development for both mobile and web based platforms. He can be reached at emmanuel@gtugs.org

Duke Daniel Odongo is the University Relations Lead. Previously an Intern with Google Uganda and currently a Google Ambassador, Duke brings a wealth of passion for technology to the GTUG team and is a believer in the premise of Africa as being the world's next tech hub. He provides strategy and developer support to a number of project teams. Aside from this, he is a chef and also volunteers for an orphanage. His mantra is "Ideas worth spreading". His Linkedin profile is at http://ug.linkedin.com/in/odongo 


Afimani Deogratious is part of the lead team for GTUG Kampala and a Google Ambassador at Makerere University. He is a Software Engineering student at Makerere University with advanced programming skills in a couple of languages like Java, Python and C/C++ and has the ability to utilize and identify powerful frameworks. He is passionate the GTUGS. Promoting and creating awareness for mobile and local content developers and corporate outreach programs for supporting developers and tech-entreprenuers.Technically savoy and up to date knowledge of the mobile and web trends, analytics and consumer behavior in East Africa.