Presenters we have had at our local GTUG Sessions.

 Jon Gosier is a tech entreprenuer, UI designer, software developer and writer. He is a TED Fellow and invests in East African entrepreneurs as CEO of Appafrica labs. He is a board member of the Hive Collab Uganda. Jon presented at the inaugural gtug session. He gave a speech on things he likes about Google's products. He talked about the need to promote ways on how people can get things done, rather than showing them how to use tools they cannot make sense of.
View his detailed speech here


 Richard Ngamita works with Developer relations at Google Kenya. He works on technology    outreach in Africa and is very supportive of local GTUGs. Richard presented Google tools like Maps, Google apps at the inaugural meeting of GTUG Kampala.

 Duke Daniel is a Software engineering student at Makerere University. Duke takes part at the Software Incubation center at Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Makerere University where he is project lead of Traffic trace and is responsible for software architecture too. Duke presented about the open social API and how it can be used by developers. He was the first student presenter at GTUG Kampala